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What will Notre Dame look like after the reconstruction? TOP best projects


After a large-scale fire in one of the most famous cathedrals of France, Notre Dame, the government announced a competition for the best project of its restoration.

Many of the best architects in the world could not pass by such an opportunity. We consider the most interesting projects that are likely to come true.

Architect from Belgium Vincent Kalbo proposed to add a little futuristic to the monument of culture of the XII century: to cover the roof of the Cathedral with a special crystal glass that absorbs solar energy. It will be enough for the functioning of Notre Dame and nearby houses.

And also build a greenhouse where you can plant fruit trees and various vegetables. Taking into account the size of the Cathedral roof, the greenhouse will bring 21 tons of fresh vegetables and fruits per year.
Another grandiose project aimed at combining spirituality and ecology was proposed by MIYSIS.

No less interesting idea came from the architects Studiotjoa from New York. “Our concept: Phoenix rising from the ashes. The proposed sheathing the spire copper panels, and the roof is made of stainless steel,” writes Studiotjoa in Instagram.

Recall that in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France on April 15, a fire broke out. According to preliminary data, the fire broke out on the upper levels of the building and could be associated with ongoing repairs. As a result of the incident at the Cathedral roof and the famous spire collapsed. At the same time, as reported by the rescue service and representatives of the administration of the temple, managed to save and its bell tower, and all stored inside the relics.

The rector of the temple Patrick Chauvet believes that for the next five to six years, the Cathedral can close its doors to visitors because of the reconstruction. At the same time, he does not know what will happen to 67 employees of Notre Dame.

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