What hairstyle to choose for prom 2019: TOP 10 ideas for different lengths

The graduation party is the first serious holiday of pupils who show the dresses and prepare for the first “secular” exit, without sparing money. After a diligent search for prom dresses and costumes comes the time of selection of a holistic image, which consists of makeup, jewelry, shoes and, of course, hairstyles. In this article we will talk about the choice of festive hairstyles.

The key trend of 2019 is naturalness, so forget about the “three-storey buildings” on the head and the excessive amount of varnish. Minimalism and lightness are all you need, even if the holiday dress is too pretentious.

Hairstyles for prom for medium length hair: ideas with photos

The average length of hair is the most optimal, and hair stylists offer the widest range of final styling: half-let hair with a braid, slightly wound, high hairstyles and low beams.

Do styling for prom: elegant hairstyle for long hair

If you have long hair, the task is simplified. The field for choosing hairstyles is wide and there are many beautiful variations. For example: collected in a large bundle of hair, Hollywood curls, malvinka, spikelets and other weaving, which, by the way, is now at the peak of popularity.

Hairstyles with relevant decor: bows, bows, and hoops

 hairstyle for long hair
For those who want to be in the trend, we offer to pay attention to special hair ornaments. For a gentle image, you can simply perfectly straighten your hair and decorate them with hairpins with pearls (rhinestones or other elements).

Hoops and bows – the most feminine detail of this year. After selecting it, you can’t go wrong with a romantic look. Beautiful and harmonious look red, black and white hair ornaments, because the classic is always in fashion.

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