Time to flourish: the idea of a bright coat for spring 2019

After the winter period and the grayness around people need to add color to everyday life. Moreover, the main trend of the spring season is bright colors in clothes and accessories.

About what styles are in fashion and how not to miscalculate with the color of the coat, you can find in our collection.

This season, the world’s designers welcome bright colors in the wardrobe – from a calm “peach” to an acid-green shade. But beige has not been canceled. Do not forget that the trendy color is not always suitable for a woman by the type of her appearance. Not everything that is imposed by well-known brands and fashion houses successfully complements the image.

Let’s start with the shade, which is recognized as the main trend in 2019 – coral. It goes well with calm tones: beige, chocolate, Nude, milk and even white.

Coat coral color perfect for fashionistas with a dark and tanned skin


Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors: blue, yellow, green and even purple.
Why not please yourself and cheer up others? By the way, scientists have proved that the orange color is able to raise self-esteem, and for women it is extremely important – to feel 100%.


If you are not used to wearing bright things, it’s time to try something new 

As for the style of the coat, the oversize is still in the top positions.
Do not be afraid of the “baggy” image, the main thing in fashion now is comfort.

Red coat is always in trend

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