Prom dresses 2019: fashion tips

School years – a time of carelessness and ease, but the end of the study marks the transition to adulthood. And the most important boundary is the prom when students celebrate their farewell to childhood. And so I want this evening to be a special and unforgettable outfit. Presently. Lifestyle will help you decide on the most important attribute of the school ball – prom outfit, under which you can then safely pick up makeup, hair, and accessories.

In 2019, fashionable dress styles are considered models with echoes of the 80s. These are dresses with a wide belt at the waist, bright colors or polka dots pattern. But if you are not chasing trends, you can opt for the classic versions: long dresses with an open top or a small cut. And then the status of the Queen of the ball is guaranteed to you.

Beautiful dresses for prom night

Classics never get bored! But it is better not to bet on magnificent dresses in 2019, pomposity is not in fashion now! Pay attention to the monochrome tight-fitting dresses, which are particularly relevant for slender girls. If you on the contrary want to cover inaccuracies in a figure, choose styles with a free bottom and a belt on a waist. Such tricks will help to shift the emphasis on the merits.


As for the color scheme, red, black and white colors are relevant for life. If you are not a supporter of traditional options and you want brightness, bet on yellow, emerald, blue shades or choose dresses with sequins. They, incidentally, still continue to be the most popular among graduates.

Short dresses for prom 2019

Summer, sun and heat! Who wants to exhaust themselves with a multi-layered fabric that does not allow the body to breathe?! Short dresses are a great alternative for girls for whom comfort is above appearance. Especially relevant now dresses baby-doll – and emphasize the figure and the most open body parts to breathe freely. For low growth graduates – this option is a real salvation for the prom, because you can successfully emphasize the legs and visually lengthen them.

dress2019 1

Asymmetry – an unusual choice of prom dress

For those who like originality in style, fit dresses with asymmetry. Such styles, by the way, prefers Hollywood actress Eva Longoria. The main advantage of these outfits – shortened before and long train, like the dress is not short, but at the same time not confused underfoot. The same applies to the top – one shoulder can be bare, and the second to hide under a long or medium sleeve.


Empire prom dresses in Greek style


First, these outfits are insanely beautiful, and secondly – gentle. In order not to look a few years older, choose dresses in Greek style. Everything else, such styles are easy to pick up hair and makeup, because in itself the style is quite simple and it can be played with interesting ideas.

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