Pack a suitcase on vacation

Many of us are experienced travelers, so we have already developed our own rules of baggage collection. However, not everyone has extensive experience in these matters. Because they do not interfere with the useful advice experienced. So…

First of all, take something without which you can not go on a trip.

First of all, these are important documents:

  • passport;
  • insurance;
  • transport tickets;
  • the documents for booking of hotels;
  • driver’s license, etc.

In addition to the originals, make these documents scans and photocopies. Keep scans in your smartphone or tablet, and take photocopies with you and keep them separately (if God forbid, documents are stolen and you need to restore them on the spot, it will be much easier to do if you have copies).

When you arrive at the place of rest, carry only a photocopy of your passport and honey. insurance, and keep the originals in the hotel safe.

Next, money. Take a small amount of cash (the size of this amount each determines himself). The rest of the money put in 2-3 cards that you have to take. Even if you steal money, not all at once, some of them will remain.

It is convenient to put stuff in different bags and cosmetics. For example, you can take 3-4 cosmetic bags:

  • for medicines;
  • for cosmetics;
  • for jewelry, etc.

In this case, you can easily quickly find any detail, it does not have to sort through the entire suitcase.

Do not be lazy for 10-15 days before the trip to make a road list, it is very convenient, checked. Divide it into different graphs:

  • documentation;
  • drugs;
  • cosmetic;
  • clothes;
  • shoes;
  • underwear, etc.

Let the list be as detailed as possible. For the remaining time you will be able to correct it: enter what you forgot, delete something, etc. After the trip, do not throw it away but keep it in your suitcase, it will be useful as a basic basis for future trips.

For travel in warm, the brink will come in handy several lung t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and skirts. All of them should be combined with each other. Also a useful evening dress (or elegant top) for a bar or restaurant and a convenient set for excursions.


Even in warm resorts, there are periods of cold and rain. So just in case, take 1 jumper, light jacket, and scarf-stole. Also, be sure to take an umbrella.

You need a swimsuit (better 2), a light beach bag, bedding, a hat from the sun (Panama, hat, baseball cap).

Shoes. You need to take comfortable sneakers or sneakers, beach Slippers, and sandals. This is a necessary minimum. If you want, you can add something. Also, do not interfere with home Slippers. Important: take only worn shoes with you. New shoes will give you the trouble: blisters and calluses are provided.

Be sure to grab the chargers from the gadgets. Put them not in a suitcase, but in your hand Luggage, which you will take with you on the plane.

Usually, airlines allow carrying baggage weighing up to 23 kg without additional payment (it is weighed at check-in). He goes to the Luggage compartment. But inside the plane, you can take hand Luggage weighing up to 5 kg. It is a common requirement.

Some airlines (especially low-cost) allow free carry baggage weighing up to 15 kg. And some do not allow free baggage allowance for each kilogram have to pay. All this information is listed in the Annex to the ticket.

So for excess baggage weight will have to pay. So cross off the list of unnecessary. If the control has detected excess weight, remove heavy clothing (jacket, shoes, scarf) and put it on. The suitcase will be lighter, it will save the day.

What to put things in? If you are going to move a lot in nature, take a backpack. If you are waiting for a beach holiday at the resort, the best choice-a suitcase on wheels (without wheels do not buy, you will suffer). Instead of a suitcase, you can buy a bag on wheels, of course, they must be durable and reliable.


During the trip, you have to fold and disassemble the bag or suitcase several times. So carefully consider the order of the location: what to put down, what in the middle, and what is up — so you do not have to throw out every time out of the suitcase all the things in search of the right.

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