Opening the secrets of flight attendants

Constantly traveling or just attentive people often noted the strange habits of flight attendants – they feel good in the sky, when landing, keep their hands behind their backs, wear neck scarves..
Heated interest in the representatives of this profession myths living around them. Is it true that these girls get older faster or less pregnant? Let’s figure it out together.

Why flight attendants keep their hands behind their backs, meeting passengers

To count them correctly. To do this, they have a compact clicker. It is hidden so as not to attract too much attention to it. Then the data is checked with the number of tickets. If you do not count at the entrance, counted in the cabin, when all seated.

Why flight attendants wear neck scarves

A mandatory element of the suit of flight attendants of many airlines is neck scarves. Explain it in different ways. It is believed that previously they were used for practical purposes-if there was smoke in the cabin, the employee could quickly cover the Airways with handkerchiefs and come to the aid of passengers. Today it is rather a tribute to fashion and style-costumes with them look impressive and elegant.
 Why flight attendants

Why can’t flight attendants get pregnant

Due to the regular changes in gravitational pressure, the influence of ozone and cosmic radiation, oxygen starvation, many do not become pregnant for a long time, and some do develop infertility.

Why flight attendants are not afraid to fly

Flight attendants are taught how to behave in flight, because looking at their calm and equanimity, and passengers calm down. Over the years, employees get used to the noise of engines and air holes and do not react to them.

Why flight attendants age faster

Flight attendants work a lot – during a 3-hour flight they pass up to 5 km, carry boxes with drinks and Lunches weighing about 50 kg, lift loads weighing about 20 kg, regularly get into stressful situations, calming panicking or troubled passengers. Regular changes in gravitational pressure, cosmic radiation, and oxygen starvation are also affected.


Why flight attendants can not have a tattoo

Most airlines have requirements that the state does not take girls with tattoos and piercings if they can not cover with clothes.

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