Love triangle: what to do?

A triangle in a relationship is a figure in which everyone is unhappy. There is he perhaps so much, how many there is the world. And the most frequent ending: the triangle breaks up, but nobody wins.

The story for those who are confused in a relationship and can not decide for themselves what to do! And those who have not found their soul mate, 
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Some statistics

Although, in fairness, I must say that 1% of men still go from wives to permanent mistresses. Also, is that love covers so two people, what they understand is destiny, divorce, diverge from former mate and create a happy unit of society. And only 2% of mistresses, in turn, are aware of what is happening, and consciously go for it. The rest are there just “accidentally fall”.

At the end of the triangles?

If the relationship “on the side” last for years, in the end someone still becomes uncomfortable to sit on two chairs, someone gets tired of waiting or someone runs out of patience and the triangle is broken. But suffer all three. The question is, how long these misery and suffering.

What to do?

A choice must be made. Psychologists warn: long-term relationship “for three” exhaust the psyche, create constant emotional stress and eventually spoil not only nerves, but also physical health. And also undermine self-esteem and self-confidence of the one who is in this situation “in the second role.” This voltage and the depletion of emotional resources. And in the further development of codependency – when to leave harder and make the choice even more.

You’ll be third?

As a rule, a triangle never arises from nothing: it is an indicator of some crack in the relationship with a partner. If a person does not have a partner in a relationship (sex, affection, love, emotions, drive, elementary communication, etc.), and they do not talk, do not discuss it, do not hear each other – most likely, there will soon be a third. Well, then the choice is for everyone: to solve the situation immediately and to dot the “I” – that is, to make a choice. Or start a new life separately.

Psychologists advise: if so happened that you were three – you need not to delay the situation, and act. That is to make some choice. And depending on this decision, to establish relations within the family, if you decide to keep the family, or to establish your own life – if the point of no return has already passed.

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