How to win a man: two simple tips

Increasingly, we meet women who seek to quickly meet a man, sometimes it becomes a manic idea. They register on Dating sites, try to have a relationship at work, or just search through friends. And that’s when they find the one who makes the mistakes that ruin that first good impression.

Many women tend to attract the attention of men, to win their location, etc. Even attend special training in order to learn the intricacies of seduction, “tying”, “falling in love” and so on. However, in fact, this means that the woman going to these steps, just do not understand male psychology.

After all, first, the desire to be seen by a man and at all costs to win it means low self-esteem of such a woman. And that she has no acceptance of herself. Because she needs someone else’s making, someone to prove something, etc. That is showing an active interest.

Secondly, the questions that such a girl asks herself sound like: “did he Like me?”, “Will he call?”What am I doing wrong?”Am I beautiful and sexy enough for him?” etc. It says low self-esteem, insecurity and desire acceptance by another person, while self-acceptance a person has no.


If a woman shows excessive initiative and offers herself to a man most likely, he will either not appreciate or take advantage of the position of superiority and it will not end in anything good.

Who are men really interested in?

A self-sufficient and self-confident man is primarily interested in a self-sufficient self-confident woman. Which is able to attract attention, but unobtrusively and feminine (look, smile, demeanor). That is passive interest. It is this line of behavior that usually interests men.

A woman can give a man to understand that it is not against to prolong communication with him. Once. Then it’s up to the man. After all, to conquer and to take an active interest – historically and evolutionary male problem, not female.

So how to win a man really?

If a woman is self-confident, self-sufficient, knows her worth and has an inner core, people are drawn to her. Especially men. Because intuitively feel the energy that attracts.


The most desirable woman is the one who charmed but only gives the man the opportunity to appear next to her, showing passive interest. Next, to a confident woman, a man’s self-esteem soars to the skies, because he will strive to win it.

Therefore, until a woman accepts herself as she is, does not love herself and will not respect, do not count on the sincere interest of a worthy man.

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