How to improve sex in a couple Errors and how to fix them

In order to improve sex in a couple, it is necessary to allocate time

If you spend the evening watching a boring series or eating a fresh dinner, and not having sex with your loved one, this is a sure sign that you need to change something in an intimate relationship. For you, we have prepared tips and common mistakes that will help improve sex in a couple.

The most common mistakes in sex

1. Little talk. Yes,it is because of the lack of communication and happens most of the problems in bed. We imagine the perfect partner and not less than perfect sexual adventure. Therefore, we begin to cherish within ourselves this image, and not the real man and woman, and therefore do not talk about what we would like. We do not tell where to touch and caress us, and this, maybe, the most common mistake in sex, negates all our previous efforts to attract a partner or partner.

2. Much talk. The next mistake is the exact opposite of the previous one, it follows from the fact that some people like to chat before, after and during sex. Namely, this can lead to a lack of concentration in both partners. It is one thing if these are words that excite, and quite another if these words will be a lot and they will be very “artificial”.


3. Fear of experimentation. Time of Puritanism is over, and it is necessary to change, including sexually. Of course, no one encourages you to resort to experiments that can threaten your life or health. However, to reveal the limits of their sexuality (and even more so, with an interesting partner) will not hurt.

4. Concealment of desires. Often we do not say what we really want in bed, silent about erogenous zones, or poses that we really like. It seems to us that your partner or partner should guess what we want. The other side of the concealment of desires — we do not want to seem “some not so”, ill-mannered or dissolute. Or we want to hide our great experience in sexual adventures and try to pretend to be Amateurs in bed.

5. Another common mistake — a quick transition to the genitals in bed, without paying attention to other parts of the body and erogenous zones, foreplay and gentle caresses. Partners can think that it is necessary to take care of caress of genitals, however the key to fantastic sex just also consists in caress of all, without exception, a body, but not only genitals. Such “efficiency” in sex can lead to the fact that sexual desire will simply disappear, despite many manipulations. Therefore, such errors should be avoided.


How to improve sex

  • Find time for sex. It is as important as Breakfast or washing before going to bed. All these procedures are necessary for the health of your body, and sex is necessary for the health of the relationship.
  • Take care of yourself. Pay close attention to your own beauty, remember what turned you both on at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Do something new. Especially if the way “back to the past” does not work. Change your hair, do sports, make a rearrangement in the bedroom, change the curtains and lay on the bed scarlet bedspread.
    Often stay together and then you will visit the passion.
  • Massage and aromatherapy a good fit for the awakening of sensibility and the return of sex in the relationship. Buy massage oil, create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom (comfortable temperature, candles, incense sticks, relaxing music). Focus on the foreplay.
  • Extreme sport. Try to have sex in unexpected places: on walk, in a toilet of bar or even library. Such adventures perfectly dilute intimate life and bring together couple.
  • Sex toy. The industry of sex toys has gone far ahead, and you can choose something interesting for your couple.
  • Role play. Try on other images: teacher and student, woodcutter and Princess. Here you are limited only by your own imagination. 
  • Sharing a bath. Such pastime will help to return former passion. Many have cool stuff for water games. 
  • If you like relaxation, then caress each other in the water, and then go to gentle sex. 
  • Sex training. Go together to classes where people are helped to pump equipment and achieve sexual understanding in a couple.

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