How to combine things in a cage: stylist tips

Checkered pattern again inspires designers. This spring season on the crest of the popularity of the coat in the cage – and, the print more – the more fashionable. How to combine cellular one’s wardrobe – recognized journalists SedaOzcan.

The trend of this spring is plaid clothes! Fashionistas dress up in it “from head to toe.” Namely, the star of the series “Sex and the city” Sarah Jessica Parker. Under the coat, the actress wore a skirt and a checkered shirt! Checkered coat really on the crest of popularity, say domestic designers.

Sarah Jessica Parker

“It flits from season to season – changing – in width, in size, in color! Besides, the bigger the cage, the better! The palette is for every taste,” says designer Serge Smolin.

“Coat without lining – now all outerwear is very light, spring – you can safely try the cage, it will distinguish you from the crowd! This is the print that will last more than one season – although it is in fashion right now!, “said personal stylist Catherine Smith.

But not only outerwear. In the capital’s shops you can see plaid pants and skirts:

“A very good cell combined with white is always refreshing!”–told Catherine.

Demand for a square pattern is enough, consultants say. But there are nuances: the oblique cell makes the figure slimmer, and the diamonds extend the part of the body where they are located.

However, to be trendy is just one plaid thing in the ensemble. Sometimes, however, the cell is a lot – it takes the attention that you want something easier! Then there is a favorite option – a scarf in a cage – the perfect way to change the image and become a girl in the style of pin-up!.

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