How to become more feminine

How to become more feminine: a few simple truths

The main ways to become more feminine and sensual

The modern world has made women much stronger, rougher than their predecessors. In some cases, it is this force that pushes men away from the fair sex. The question is what to do to become more feminine. Read our selection of the main ways to become more feminine and sensual.

How to become more feminine

Indulge your feelings. For example, buy flowers and put them near the bed, go to perfumery salons and surround yourself with aromas, cook yourself high-quality food, the taste of which you can really enjoy, listen to exquisite music. This will allow you to become more gentle.

Pamper your senses. It will help you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Your heart will become softer and it will attract the men around.

Pamper your body. For example, go to a dance master class, take a hot bath with foam, regularly do manicure and pedicure, buy beautiful bed linen and sleep naked, allocate money in your even modest budget for quality shampoo and conditioner. So you will become much more beautiful.

Breathe and analyze. When you start your day and end the evening, just take a few minutes to breathe deeply and calmly. So you relieve tension from the body and allow the stress to go out of your life and attract peace.

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Respect your carnal desires. Evoke feelings of desire for a few minutes every day to become a sexier girl. To do this, you can read a novel or dream about a past love, wear a silk nightie or beautiful lingerie that gently touches your body and teases your imagination, go in for sports.

Inspire yourself. Start your imagination, and let your mind strengthen your self-confidence and awaken female power. Be creative – and then and in communication with men you will be more playful and open.

Watch movies. You need to watch the right movies — where there is an example of true femininity and masculinity.

Surround yourself with beautiful. Dress in bright and light colors, use floral print in clothes, wear as many feminine elements as possible: earrings, chains, beads, rings, heels.
Follow the speech and movements. Movement must be smooth, and voice — secure and quiet.

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