Five points in the correspondence, which should alert

In the era of digital communication and the huge possibilities of virtual Dating offers many social services and marriage agencies through which it is very easy, on the one hand, to make a friend and a potential partner through the Internet.   On the other – there is a danger to get into the illusion and build castles in the air where there is no reason.

So, if you are a girl and noticed these nuances in correspondence with an Internet friend – do not waste time:

  1. The number of your messages to him exceeds the number of messages addressed to you. Scroll through the last few pages of correspondence-and analyze.
  2. If a man never answers immediately, disappears for a few days without a reason, referring to employment, his answers to the questions are brief and not emotionally colored – so he is not interested in either relationships or communication. If you wish – 1 minute to answer the man on the message is always there, believe me.
  3. If he writes only when it is convenient or profitable for him (when he is bored and has nothing to do, when he suddenly offers you to spend an evening or night together, although you did not agree in advance). If he writes in the middle of the night. At the same time, all your offers are rejected.
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  4. If it is limited to likes in your Instagram And rare comments under posts, but it does not support active correspondence and does not call anywhere – then it just has sympathy, but does not have the desire to translate it into something more. Or just trying to keep you “in good shape”.
  5. If you communicate for a long time on the network, but still have not met. Most likely, he either does not consider you as a serious contender for a companion of his life, or you are just a backup option.Whether to continue the dubious contact is up to you. But if a man really needs you, he will get you out of the ground and not rest until he persuades you to meet right now.


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