First date: TOP 10 rules for girls

The first date is a kind of test for two people, a man and a woman, whether they will be able to continue communication in the future, and it is possible that this communication will grow into something more.

Therefore, you need to prepare well before the first date and take into account a number of points to the first date was not the last. And will help in preparing our TOP 10 basic rules.

How to behave on the first date

Be real. Don’t hide behind some mask on your first date. Trying to make a good impression, do not impersonate another person. Perhaps it is during this first date that you will meet your destiny, and then it may turn out that you are a fake.


Smile sincerely. Smile, but not smile of Mona Lisa and not all 32, but smile, and — genuinely. Men like that.

Dress appropriately. Dress appropriately and comfortably. For a first date, new shoes are not exactly suitable. “Let accepts me such what I am” – the statement true, but it is not necessary to abuse it. In the outfit and the way women should present some eroticism, but not causing, and is easy and exciting. But shapeless shirts are better left in the closet.

Light make-up. It should emphasize your beauty. Make — up is the completion of the image. Such an important detail cannot be ignored. And again you need to remember the naturalness. A large amount of makeup on the face is not the best solution.

But if a girl in everyday life is not used to using cosmetics, then you can opt for lip gloss. It looks very nice and has a pleasant aroma. It is also important that the mascara was tested, and not spread and did not spoil the appearance of the girl.

Good perfume. This is also necessary. Spirits need to complement the image based on individual preferences. It should not “choke” you, but be easy and memorable.

Don’t talk about other men. Women sometimes make the mistake of remembering their exes aloud. It doesn’t matter whether people talk good about others or bad — men don’t like it.

Not afraid. The first step to success is to stop being afraid. The first date makes the girl filled with awe and worry. Some beauties can’t sleep and eat. But don’t get so worked up. Excess unrest can affect health.


Selected location. Etiquette taken to a place for a first date chose the girl. But these days few people remember this rule. Most often, the young man chooses the time and place. But it’s not necessary to agree with any option.

If you met on the Internet and have not seen each other live, you should choose a place where there will be a lot of people. If he is not who he claims to be, a large number of people around will become the guarantor of security.

Also remember the paragraph above — appropriate clothes for a date after the information about the chosen place.

Don’t discuss heavy topics. On the first date, it is better not to raise heavy topics for conversation. It is not necessary to dump all their problems and complain about life. Your relationship hasn’t reached that level yet. A date is a conversation between two people. Don’t turn a date into your benefit, there may not be a second date. Give the guy a chance to talk, too.


Remind of itself. If the first date went well, then you probably want to see again. But sometimes a man does not dare to immediately appoint the next meeting, so as not to seem Intrusive, and the girl hesitates to ask about it. But there is nothing not convenient. Better to ask, than to painfully wait for a call or message on the Internet.

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