Fashion blouses 2019: sexy and feminine

Everyone probably already knows that in fashion with triumph back “animal” prints. More recently, they seemed pushed to the side of fashion. Fashion guru repeatedly ridiculed leopard pattern, believed that it is worn only by girls, devoid of taste. But it was not so easy! Predatory animals sat in the shelter, and then in orderly rows came to the forefront of fashion and appeared in a new guise-chic and sexy!

These prints fully manifest themselves in blouses of the season 2019. But not only they…

With animal print

Blouse made of fabric with a print under the snakeskin. Tight-fitting style, emphasizing the figure, spicy neckline, bow, and shoulder pads-every detail is at the peak of fashion.
The result is a feminine, sexy image.

© stradivarius

And here’s another cut: straight, loose, sloppy. However, a piquant neckline and bow are also present

Interestingly, here snake print is given on a blue background. This is just a sign of the season 2019, now predatory prints are stylized;
they are not exactly trying to fake under the skin of animals, but only hint at it.

© zara

Another snake blouse. Pay attention to the cut – “tear” in the back: like a small detail, and looks cute and feminine. There are also shoulder pads and graceful ruffles on the sleeves.
The color combination of blouse and trousers looks noble and intelligent, don’t you agree?

© zara

This time the familiar leopard is presented in a blouse or a shirt style. Mini skirt, equipped with a flounce, gives the image of femininity.

4 fashion-sedaozcan
© zara

And this is a masterpiece! Insanely sexy blouse with leopard print on a dark red background.
Bold cutout, smell, jeans against such women will not resist!

© zara

Chiffon and silk

An elegant blouse is a great way to solve the problem of output clothing. With its help, it is possible to solve what is called “small blood”.
Especially if we are not talking about a big anniversary, but about a party, going to a restaurant, theater, etc.
© zara

Now incredibly fashionable chiffon model. Well, here you can see just two hits: chiffon and predatory print.
And all this is combined in this model. Plus a bow on the collar, which is now very fashionable.

© zara

Luxury model! Navy blue chiffon and lots of ruffles — the quintessence of femininity.
In combination with narrow trousers, the image looks especially sexy.

© zara

Similar option. Tell me, which of you does not dream of such a blouse?

© farfetch

There are modest models of closed style. But, the color! He decides everything.
Coral shades are still in favor.

© zara

With the “chain” pattern.

There is another hit print chain. Moreover, popular not only the prints but also the chain like decoration.
Also, chain prints appear on scarves and scarves.

© zara

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