• women

    Ideas of a festive image

    The beginning of spring is a great reason to update your wardrobe. And you can start shopping with the purchase of fashionable dresses, which will not only dress for women’s day, but also in an everyday way. In this article,…

  • nails

    Spring manicure 2019: interesting ideas with photos

    Spring is gaining momentum, and with it strive for beauty and updating fashion trends of nail design. Many girls wonder how to make a spring manicure to decorate your nails with new colors, trendy patterns, striking technique, and bright ideas.…

  • blouse

    Fashion blouses 2019: sexy and feminine

    Everyone probably already knows that in fashion with triumph back “animal” prints. More recently, they seemed pushed to the side of fashion. Fashion guru repeatedly ridiculed leopard pattern, believed that it is worn only by girls, devoid of taste. But…