Basic things: what should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista

Tips stylist to create a basic look for every day

The presence of a basic wardrobe – one of the most ingenious and practical ideas, which facilitates the daily routine for the selection of images. Stylist Anna Swan told about the basic things that should be in the wardrobe of a stylish girl.

We make a basic wardrobe for the fall

White shirt

As corny as it was, but a plain white shirt – a must-have in any wardrobe. It is combined with any bottom and is an ideal option for a relaxed look with jeans, and for a strict with trousers. When choosing a shirt, in addition to its color, pay attention to the composition: for the spring-summer season is best suited 100% linen or cotton. Clothes made of such fabrics are perfectly worn and can withstand more washing.


White shirt – the basis of women’s wardrobe

Basic jeans

Jeans are very comfortable and can be a part of any wardrobe, especially if they fit well. So initially choose the option jeans in which you will be comfortable: they can fit, but do not stick to the skin. The most versatile model – jeans on the middle landing, slightly narrowed at the ankles without additional accessories.


Basic wardrobe 2019 – choose comfortable jeans

Speaking of fabrics, I would recommend to choose more dense – so the jeans are longer will be able to live. Victoria Beckham, for example, also recommends washing this element of the wardrobe only as a last resort – so the pants will not lose their shape and color.


The fact that the jacket can be worn only with suit trousers is a prejudice. In fact, it goes well with jeans, skirts and dresses. The most versatile shades of the blazer – graphite, black and beige, the most difficult to combine – red, yellow and pink.

Basic wardrobe for spring and summer 2019 – stylish jackets

Before buying a new jacket, think about how it will fit personally into your wardrobe and whether it will be appropriate, for example, in the neon palette.


Classic trousers

The choice of trousers is not easy. The easiest option – to determine with a stylist, what model pants sit well on your figure and then make a purchase. If this path is not for you, then first learn the type of your figure and already in the store try on different models to visually determine what and how you sit down.


A must-have item in the closet – classic pants

It is also worth paying attention to the composition with a minimum content of elastane, as the pants tend to wipe and stretch in the area of the knees and hips.

Trench coat

Of outerwear I recommend to add to your wardrobe the trench. This is a classic, and its presence facilitates the combination of images in the spring. The optimal length of the cloak is just above the knee, and it should sit well in the shoulders.


Practical and comfortable thing in women’s wardrobe – trench

If we talk about the color palette, the basic and most practical will be black, gray and dark blue. They are less than others get dirty in the rain and will fit any image, accessories. To create stylish images it will be incredibly relevant.

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