5 things men value in a relationship

Men need in a relationship not only sex

There is a stereotype that all a man needs is regular and good sex. In fact, first, sex is needed and women no less, and secondly, men are looking for a serious relationship is quite different.

Yes, intimate life and its quality – an indicator of the quality of your relationship as a whole and an indicator of their well-being. And 80% of breakups occur, according to psychologists, precisely because of sexual problems or disagreements in a couple.

But there are things that men attach much more importance in a relationship than sex:

Believe in your man – it means to recognize him as the best for yourself and know that he will cope with everything no matter what. If a woman sincerely believes with all her heart in her man, he literally grows wings and he can turn mountains for her.

Personal space

Freedom or at least the illusion of freedom in relations – something that has always sought representatives of the strong half of humanity. That is why they are often delayed with a trip to the registry office or making a decision about living together with a woman, because they fear restrictions on their freedom and total control. But appreciates when next to him a self-sufficient person, who also has a life outside the relationship, interests and their personal space.

Spontaneity and surprises

Routine scares everyone, and in a long-term relationship it is dangerous. Because it can dull the acuity of feelings and make you feel bored. Ideal relationship for a man – where there is a place of spontaneity, surprises, the ability to surprise each other and always be interesting to each other.


Understanding and acceptance

It’s very important for a man. He, like all people, can be wrong. But he does not expect reproaches in response, but support and understanding. It is important for him to know that no matter what happens, his woman is always on his side.


Living together isn’t just about sex. Very important interesting and meaningful communication with a partner. If people have common interests, there are topics for conversation and discussion, a common hobby and goals in life – these two will never be bored together. A man appreciates when his woman is share his interests and can discuss anything.

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